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회사 소개

회사 소개

Fitness101은 2019 년 10 월 초에 등록 된 영양사 및 보디 빌더에 의해 시작되었습니다. Fitness101은 인터넷에서 찾을 수있는 잘못된 정보를 변경하려고합니다.

인증서 및 교육

  • Jasmijn Dijkstra, 석사 건강 및 영양. Wageningen 대학 및 연구.
  • Sophie van Lent, 석사 건강 과학. 에라스무스 대학교.
  • Peter van de Berg, 석사 인간 운동 과학 및 석사 스포츠 과학. 흐로 닝언 대학교 및 암스테르담 VU 대학교.

Fitness101 Team

The founder of Fitness101 is Virgil Rinner (22 years old).
Sophie is a young care provider with years of experience. She obtained her master's degree in Health Sciences at Erasmus University. She currently works as a Medical Advisor at Erasmus MC. Sophie is a creative writer and also enjoys reading books.
Jasmijn Dijkstra is a registered nutritionist with expertise in Nutrition and Health. She holds a master's degree in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University & Research. In her spare time, Jasmijn likes to work out in the gym.
Peter comes from a sporty family and has been playing sports since childhood. He holds a master's degree in Sexology from VU Amsterdam. He currently works as a doctor sexologist.



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